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How to Install Visual Studio Community Edition 2022

Last updated on 2022-05-30

Here’s a quick video on how to install Visual Studio Community Edition 2022.


In this video I’m going to show how to install Visual Studio Community Edition 2022. The first step is to open your favorite browser, go to your favorite search engine, and search for “Visual Studio Community Edition 2022”.

Download the Visual Studio Community Edition Installer

Look for the link and click on that. You should see a download Visual Studio button. Click on that button.

Save the setup file to disk and then run it.

This program gets the latest version of the Visual Studio installer.

When the Visual Studio Installer starts, you can select which features of Visual Studio you want to install. 

Select the features to install

I’m going to select ASP.NET and web development. This installs some things so I can create websites.

If you want to do work with Azure, you would select the “Azure Development”. I’m not going to do that for this example, but that’s something that may be useful.

If you want to do mobile development, check the section for “Mobile Development”.

I’m going to check “.NET desktop” since that’s what I tend to do.

If you want to install Unity, you can check “Game Development with Unity”. I’m not going to do that in this case, so I’ll leave that unchecked. 

I select “Data Storage and Processing”, since I do a lot of work with SQL Server. 

That’s it for the main workloads. If you notice in the lower right, it says the total space required is 9.95 gigabytes.

I also want to install some additional components, so I’m going to go into the “Individual Components” section. This is where you can install different versions of .NET and different features.

I check the boxes to install NET Framework 4.72, 4.8, and .NET 6. You may also want to select the .NET 5 runtime in case you’re working with some .NET 5 projects.

You may also want to install the .NET Core 3.1 runtime.

If we scroll down and look at some other things, we can install some specific Azure tools, but I don’t need those. 

We can install some code tools. I don’t think there’s anything in here other than Git for Windows that I want, so this will make it a little bit easier to work with GitHub.

We can install some compiler build tools and runtimes, but I don’t need anything from here. 

There are additional debugging development tools. I do want MVC 4. This is good for some of the web services that I may have out there.

You can also install node JS development tools and Python development tools. Again, that’s not something I use, so I’m not going to check those, but they may be useful for you.

Here’s where you can install some features for Unity and Unreal Engine.

Those are all the components I want to install for my projects.

If I look down here, the total space required is 10.28 gigabytes and I’m going to have install while downloading and just click the install button. 

And that will take a few minutes while Visual Studio installs. 

Once the installer is finished, you’ll have the option to sign into Visual Studio. If you have a Microsoft account, you can sign in here. You can create a new one or you can say not now, maybe later I’m just going to select that for this. 

You can select your development settings. I choose Visual C#, since that’s what I work in, although you could choose JavaScript, Visual BASIC, or any of the other options here.

Personally, I like the dark mode, so I’m going to leave it at dark mode, but you could select the blue color scheme, blue extra contrast light, or the system settings. 

Starting Visual Studio Community Edition 2022

And then I’ll start Visual Studio. 

There is something to be aware of when you create a new project in Visual Studio.

I’ll click on create a new project and get a list of the different types of projects. If you’re new to Visual Studio, you really need to pay attention that you are picking the correct form of .NET.

Let’s say I want to create a WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) program and desktop application in C#.  I would click on the dropdown that says, “All languages” and select the “C#’ option. And in my search for templates, I’m going to type “WPF”.

If you notice, there is a “WPF Application” up here that says, “A project for creating a .NET WPF Application” and then you also have “WPF App (.NET Framework)”, “Windows Presentation Foundation client application”, and you’ve got some other projects in here.

It’s important that you pick the correct project. So, if you’re building a NET Framework WPF project, you need to pick this project type here that says “WPF App (,NET Framework)”.

If you’re building a .NET Core, .NET 5, or .NET 6 WPF program, you need to pick this one up here that just says “WPF application”. This is very important because if you add multiple projects, so for example, if I’m looking for “Class Library” projects in C#, you cannot mix and match the different types of .NET. There are some versions you can mix and match, but generally you can’t.

So, if I have a solution that contains a WPF project and a Class Library project, they both have to be .NET or they both have to be .NET Framework. Make sure when you add your projects that you’re selecting the correct type of .NET.

I’m going to close this down since I’m not actually going to create a project in this video.

One more thing to be aware of is, as you’re using Visual Studio about every month or so, you might see a message that says there’s an update to Visual Studio.

If you see that you can re-run the installer. You can do that by just typing in Visual Studio installer. That will bring up this application again and you’ll have another option here that says, “Install Updates”. You can just run that. It will install whatever the updates are for Visual Studio and you’ll have the latest version. 

That’s it for how to install Visual Studio Community Edition 2022. If you have any questions, please leave them below the video or on the support page and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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